Friday Night Pickleball Ladder

In an effort to provide a greater level of competition and to add some incentive to your pickleball development, we are offering a Ladder format for each Friday night play from 7-9pm effective November 19th.  This Ladder will organize players into similar levels of play ability and award points for wins, losses, and point differentials as you compete against other Friday Night members.  This will also help to determine movement up or down the ladder and further your Pickleball skill development and ranking.

To make this happen, we require you to indicate by return email, your commitment to be a part of this ladder, your name and email, and your self ranking of current skill level in Pickleball.  An unofficial self assessment rating system (see below) is available for your use to determine your current ranking.  Note that this Ladder is designed to include all levels of players.  Please reply to attention Terry Dunnigan by Mon. Nov. 15th with the required info or if you have any questions.

It is our hope to add a social component to this ladder/league by gathering at a local watering hole for libation and snacks following each Friday night competition.  More details regarding this will be provided in due course.

We also are welcoming day member pickleball players (non WBC members) so get the word out to past members, YMCA members, and Cowan players who may be interested.

See you on the Courts