WBC welcomes players of all skills levels to play pickleball in a friendly recreational environment.

Pickleball has been played at the WBC many years. The badminton nets are lowered and the courts are ready for pickleball, the fastest growing sport in Ontario.

Beginner Pickleball Player

During all Pickleball event time slots (except the Friday evening ladder) one or more courts will be available for less competitive and beginner play. Members that want to play recreational /novice games (or as beginners) should rotate with other beginner players and play a softer game.

When less than 4 novice players are present for a scheduled play time, then a more skilled players rotate with the beginner players and play a softer game when they are on the court.

Annual Members

Approximately 30 percent of our annual members play Pickleball, at several scheduled time slots throughout the week. Please see the event schedule on this web site. All pickleball time slots are for recreational open play.


WBC welcomes drop-in players to play pickleball at the club.

 First-time drop-in members must pay a court fee, register for a Day membership, must sign an ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND WAIVER OF CLAIMS AND LIABILITY AGREEMENT and understand and accept the conditions required for any and all participation at the Woodstock Badminton Club and / or its activities. By signing, they also acknowledge and agree to the WBC Fun and Fair Play Practice.  

On subsequent visits, the player needs only to pay their court fee.  A day membership permits the player access to the club courts for the day. 

On all visits, the player should do a self screening to ensure they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.  The self screening questions are on the website.

Court Fees for Drop-In Players

The 2023/2024 court fees for Pickleball is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for youth 17 and under.


Players will need a pickleball paddle and an indoor pickleball. (Yes there are special balls for outside and inside play). The club has a few paddles for new players who would like to try out the sport. Regular players are expected to bring their own paddle and balls.

The club sells Pickleballs.

Friday Night Ladder

. This is a night of competitive play where players are matched with other players of similar skills.