Event Schedule

The club is open.

WBC must still manage the number of players that are using the facility at any given time.  Therefore the reservation tool on the web site must be used to book a player’s spot for open group play.

Weekly Court Schedule

Below is the planned interim schedule for this phase of the re-opening after COVID-19 restrictions. Players must reserve a spot for group play and reserve a court for all other times.

Reserving a spot for open group time is easy. Go to the WBC web site and select Badminton or Pickleball Group Play, select the date and time slot and then click on “Reserve”.  An email will be sent to confirm your selection. When reserving the available time slots, the web site displays the number or remaining spots available. Therefore if the site is displaying “6” then you know that two people have signed up for this time slot and there is room for 6 more players.

Court Reservations

Courts may be reserved by members with the reservation tool when group court time is not scheduled for group open play. Court reservations are for 2 hours.

Schedule Changes

The regular weekly court schedule has been suspended until further notice.

An interim weekly court schedule has been developed while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Members can reserve a spot to play in any of the group open court times using the reservation tool located on this web site.