Our Policies and Practices

Court Shoes

All players must wear non marking indoor only court shoes that are carried in (not worn in from the car). This policy is to protect our players from injury and to protect our playing surface.

COVID-19 Policy

This policy outlines the temporary rules that have been put in place at the Woodstock Badminton Club as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Respiratory infections may spread from respiratory droplets from infected individuals through coughing, sneezing, and speaking. COVID-19 transmission can occur even when someone is not showing symptoms. Using face coverings is a method of source control, but to reduce the risk of transmission, it must be accompanied with other measures including, physical distancing, respiratory etiquette and good hand hygiene. 

This policy describes the steps that have been taken and  are being taken by WBC to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading at WBC.  This document will be updated as conditions change and will be removed from practice once the pandemic is over.

Protective Eyewear

  1. All players, under the age of 18, participating in Woodstock Badminton Club activities must wear protective eyewear, meeting the ASTM F803 standard, at anytime while on the court.
  2. The Woodstock Badminton Club strongly recommends that all players wear protective eyewear which meets or exceeds the impact standards set out in ASTM F803 “Standard Specification for Eye Protectors for Selected Sports” whenever on the court.
  3. In the case where a player under the age of 18 wears prescription glasses the parent or legal guardian must understand that that the prescription glasses do not meet ASTM F803 standards and must accept all responsibility for possible injury. The Woodstock Badminton Club Protective Eyewear Waiver Form, below, must be signed and submitted to the club.
  4. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an immediate loss of court privileges and or a possible revocation of the offender’s membership with no refund of membership fees. Woodstock Badminton Club will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from failure

On Court Rules and Etiquette

Sharing Court Space: When the club is busy, the courts are restricted to Doubles play only.  All players must  rotate off the court at the end of their game so that waiting players can have their turn. Games follow the 21-point rally point system. Singles can be played when there are no other players waiting for court space.

Crossing Behind Courts:  It is a common courtesy, and safety precaution, when passing behind courts to wait between courts until the point played is complete.  Players should pass behind the court quickly and in single file close to the wall with their group so as to not disrupt the flow of play.

Shuttlecocks: The cost of shuttlecocks is an expense that must be endured when playing friendly and competitive games.  It is a general courtesy to split the cost of the shuttlecocks between all players. Feather shuttlecocks may be purchased from the club pro shop.

Keeping Courts Clean:  Only closed bottled drinks are allowed on court; food and canned drinks are not permitted.   Dust mops are provided to wipe the surface of the court and smaller brooms are to mop up debris into the garbage can.  It is recommended that you mop your court before your matches to avoid any accidents from debris left on the court.

Pickleball – On occasion a ball may unintentionally enter a neighbouring court. Players are to call “BALL” as a warning for play to immediately stop play.  The ball is returned to its proper court and the play resumes on the impacted court with a re-serve.

Code of Conduct

We believe in equal opportunity and the respectful treatment for all persons interacting in the Woodstock Badminton Club.  We are committed to providing an environment that promotes, develops, and provides the recreational sports of Badminton and Pickleball while emphasizing fair play, sportsmanship, and healthy participation.

We believe:

  • That all club behaviour is positive and respectful.
  • That members avoid public criticism/negative comments towards others.
  • In the spirit of sportsmanship, sport leadership, and ethical conduct in adherence to the rules of sport.
  • In acting to correct or prevent practices of discrimination.
  • In treating individuals fairly and reasonably.
  • In positively promoting the sport of Badminton and Pickleball.
  • In refraining from any behaviour that constitutes any harassment (sexist, offensive, abusive, racist, degrading, bullying or malicious).
  • In a zero tolerance for any behaviour that constitutes violence (both physical force and threats to harm).
  • In respecting the property of others and the WBC facility.
  • In adhering to being law abiding in all behaviours within the WBC.

Concussion Policy

This policy sets out the minimum requirements for removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols for athletes who have sustained a concussion or are suspected of having sustained a concussion during training, practices or competition in accordance with Rowan’s Law and the regulation made under that Act, O.Reg. 161/19: General.

Liquor Policy

  1. The Woodstock Badminton Club is not licensed under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  The Board of Directors and/or the Woodstock Badminton Club will not accept responsibility for any alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  2. Any person or persons who rent the Woodstock Badminton Club, and who will be serving/selling alcohol on the premises, must obtain an appropriate permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, acquire the appropriate insurance coverage and accept full responsibility for the consumption of alcohol under that permit.
  3. The permit obtained, under section 2 above, must be prominently displayed on the club premises at the time of the alcohol event.  Any other regulations stipulated by the AGCO, for the event permit, must be strictly adhered to.