Welcome to Badminton at WBC

We have members that are just beginners and others that play at an advanced level. We have those that play for recreation and those that play competitively. We have members of all ages, our youngest member is 5 years old and our oldest is 95 years old.

Badminton is scheduled at many time slots throughout the week. Time slots have been reserved for elite (advanced) players, for youth players and for recreational (open) play. Please see the event schedule on this web site for the time frames that best suit your age and playing ability.

Time slots are also reserved for skills development and private lessons for members who wish to improve their playing skills.


WBC welcomes drop-in badminton players.

 First-time drop-in members must register for a Day membership, must sign an ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND WAIVER OF CLAIMS AND LIABILITY AGREEMENT and understand and accept the conditions required for any and all participation at the Woodstock Badminton Club and / or its activities. By signing, they also acknowledge and agree to the WBC Fun and Fair Play Practice.  As of September 22, 2021 all players must have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days.

On subsequent visits, the player needs only to check in with the club opener on duty and pay his court fees.

A day membership permits the player access to the club courts for the day and when a club opener is on duty.  (At this time, club openers are only on duty during evening playing hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.)

Court Fees for Drop-In Players

The 2020/2021 court fees for Badminton is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for youth 17 and under.

Equipment and Safety

Players are expected to have their own racket and shuttlecocks. Players must also wear non-marking court shoes. All players are encouraged to wear protective eyewear. Players under 19 must wear protective eyewear.

The club has a limited number of rackets for new players to try out the sport. The club also has protective eye wear that youth players can borrow while playing.

The club sells shuttlecocks. Pro Kennex are $30 per dozen or $3.00 each.