Schedule Change

The court schedule has been updated. The changes s are based on how the club facility  has been used over the past few weeks and feedback that we have received from members.  Of course government and health direction,   guide all of our decisions.

The changes that we are implementing are based on the following:

  • Many members remain cautious about returning to inside sport play.   Therefore very few “open play” reservations have taken place.  When they did, there was often only one person reserving for one of the 8 time slots.  In response, we have reduced the number of open play time slots.  We are hoping that with fewer open play options,  the likelihood of multiple members reserving to play might improve.
  • We have increased court reservations to 2 hours.
  • Badminton players are utilizing the courts much more than Pickleball players.  We assume that this is due to two factors.  The first is that many of our members are using the public out door Pickleball facility and secondly that Pickleball singles play is not for everyone. 

The new schedule is posted below and on the WBC web site.

In response to member requests, we are implementing one other change.

Many court reservation time slots are not booked.  Badminton players have asked if they can utilize Pickleball time slots when there are no reservations for that time slot.   In the spirit of utilizing the club as much as possible, we will permit a badminton player to book a Pickleball time slot.  However, if a Pickleball player shows up for that time slot (last minute reservation) , badminton play must stop in favour of Pickleball.  Of course the reverse is true for Pickleball players wanting to reserve a badminton court time slots.  Therefore it is important that you reserve ahead.