Block Championships

The Youth Program Block Championships took place Saturday, December 22, 2018 for athletes registered in A1, A2, D and E. The tournament was a double elimination format and athletes were placed in draws according to their ages and/or skill level. Athletes performed extremely well, under the watchful eyes of their parents and coaches, even though thoughts of presents and holidays were foremost in everyone’s mind. It was rewarding to see the kids having such a great time and putting the skills they have learned into practice.

Results were as follows:

16 and under Boys’ Singles 

1st place: Zhao-Yu Tan

2nd place: Tyler Atkinson

13 and under Boys’ Singles

1st place: Christian Meiling

2nd place: Everett Force

16 and under Girls’ Singles

1st place: Jessica Franco

2nd place: Xin-En Tang


…to Tyler Atkinson who, even though he is 13, played up a category and fought his way through the double elimination side of the bracket to make the finals! A truly exciting performance and effort by Tyler.

…to Braeden Doucette who, like Tyler, played up an age category, and did a fantastic job having several matches either going to 3 games or having extremely close scoring games. And this is his first year – way to go Braeden!

…to Christian Meiling and Jessica Franco for winning their first tournament!

…to Everett Force. First year in the program and placing second in the competition. Are you kidding me Everett? Great job!

…to the Tan family for bringing home two medals (1st and 2nd place in the Boys singles and girls singles respectively) – way to go Zhao-Yu and Xin-En!

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated – we are proud of all of you!

Kevin Cougler, Youth Director