New Victor Stock

We have received a shipment of shoes (SHA501) and most sizes should be available. These are mid level badminton court shoes at a very reasonable price. Perfect for the average recreational player who does not want to spend upwards of $200 for a pair of high end court shoes. What’s better yet is that we are able to offer these at the same great price as before with no increase in price at $65 a pair.

We are also able to offer 2 different Victor badminton rackets at a special price. In addition to our existing stock, we offer the AS12 and the AP8000.
The AS12 is the made in China version of the very popular BS12, a racket that was used by a number of the Korean national team members including Lee Yong Dae. This is a mid flex and even balanced racket, great as a speedy all round racket.
The AP8000 is the made in China version of the TK8000. This racket is mid flex but more head heavy which gives this racket more punch.

Please note that these are not the originals which are made in Taiwan so will play differently from the BS12 and TK8000, which normally retails for $200+.

The AS12 and AP8000 normally sell for around $140. We were able to purchase these at a special price and we are offering these for $79 each. Quantities are limited.