2021 Volunteer Appreciation Award recipient:   DANA WELLS

President Terry Dunnigan presents award to Dana Wells at the 2021 AGM

Dana has been a member of the Woodstock Badminton Club since 2013 of which the past 7 years he has held the role of Maintenance Director and currently the role of Vice President.

During this time, he has been a dedicated supporter of this club and has worked tirelessly on improving the functionality of our club through the implementation of outdoor lighting, a new water fountain, security cameras and improved efficiency in our heating and lighting costs. More recently he has been the lead on the foundation repairs, the subsequent indoor stairwell drywall and painting upgrades, and the renovations to our men’s locker room. He has also been a lead advocate for promoting Pickleball as a local sport.

Dana has a positive mindset that is always seeking ways to improve and revitalize this club by actively seeking new members, by promoting this club through our annual open houses, and by working directly with other directors in forming and modifying policy and practices to ensure that members are treated fairly and equitably.

Congratulations Dana!