Southwestern Health Unit moves to Orange – Restrict Alert Status

The province has announced that Southwestern a health unit is moving to the Orange health alert status on Monday, March 1st.  With this announcement we can now welcome members residing in health units that are in Green, Yellow and Orange alert status. The following rules and restrictions will apply.

Club AccessMembers Only.

Reservations are required via the web site.  Each player must reserve.  Note that members are NOT reserving a court but are reserving one of the 10 allowable “person slots” for a given time period. 
The club is open for recreational play (7 days a week) as per the reservation tool.  Members will have to take a self screening test before registering. This is available online and on the club entrance door.
Face CoveringsMandatory – in all areas of the facility except the courts when competing and training.
DistancingPhysical distance of at least 2m from every other person must be maintained; when on court there should be no contact and every effort to maintain 2m physical distancing should be made.
Facility CapacityA maximum of 10   persons in the court areas.A maximum of 10 persons in the lounge areas. (Maximum 90-minute duration).A maximum of 20 persons in the facility.
Type of PlayRecreational Singles and doubles play is permitted with no contact but limited to the 10-person limit.
Leave at least one empty court between doubles play.
CoachingPrivate and club supplied coaching. (Students and parents/guardians are limited by facility capacity limits.)   No contact

As Ontario continues to reopen, the club will relax restrictions to align with government and public health guidelines. 

Club Re-opening after Lockdown

The provincial government has announced that the Southwestern health unit will be moving to the “Red – Control” alert status on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.  We expect that the region will remain in this status for two weeks. This announcement permits the Woodstock Badminton Club to re-open.

The club will open on Tuesday February 16th for singles play only.

The province is discouraging travel of  persons from high risk (red and grey) health zones to other  health zones.

Therefore, the only members that can utilize courts at this time are members that reside in the Southwestern health unit (zone) and members that reside in a health unit (zone) that is in orange, yellow or green alert status.

This approach is consistent with the restrictions that were in place before the lockdown in December when the club was not open to members outside of the Southwestern zone that resided  in red zones.

We look forwarding to welcoming back members as he provincial restrictions relax.

Stairwell Repair Project

Work has been underway over the past few weeks on the renovation of the stairwells and men’s changeroom.

 The stairwell to the women’s changeroom is a continuation of the work started back in September to repair a water leakage problem.  In September we stopped the leaking and closed in an old window from the outside.  We are now repairing the inside wall damage and filling in the closed off basement window.

The plaster from the north wall has been removed.  The wall was then insulated and new drywall has been installed.

The drywall has then been finished and painted.

The second part of the project is the paining and repair of the stairwell to the men’s stairwell. This work is still underway.