January 31 Reopening

The Woodstock Badminton Club will be fully reopened to members effective Monday January 31 at 12:01am.  Fobs will be restored to allow access to the club.

In keeping with our previous determination regarding the interpretation of these restrictions; in particular the limitation of access to 50 percent capacity; we confirm that these restrictions return us to full operational court status and modified lounge access in order to maintain compliance. The only events that would challenge these new restrictions would be a very large rental event or a tournament…both of which are not within our current plans.

So in conclusion, it is business as usual!  You do not have to use the Reservation Tool to book an online use of the courts.  Nor do you need to reduce the number of players on the courts and all four courts are in play.  The regular schedule of both Badminton and Pickleball continues to apply and non-members (day members) and our Southgate visitors are welcome.  We continue to provide our facility for rental to members and outsiders.

You do need to:

  1. continue to mask and ensure social distancing in the lounge.
  2. sign in each visit for tracing.
  3. ensure that you are double vaccinated to enter the club. 
  4. Continue to self screen prior to entry and please do not enter the club if you are symptomatic.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in these efforts to keep our members safe and our club compliant with these new Provincial Regulations.

Message from the President

Dear WBC Members:

As you may have heard today, the Province of Ontario is now implementing additional Covid restrictions in response to the increasing spread of the Omicron variant. The new measures will kick in on Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 12:01 a.m. and will remain in effect for at least 21 days, until Jan. 26/22 and includes the Woodstock Badminton Club as a facility that provides Sport activities.  Specific details from the Ontario Province are as follows:

  • Indoor dining at restaurants and bars closed.
  • Only outdoor dining, takeout, drive through and delivery permitted.
  • Social gathering limits reduced to five people indoors and 10 people outdoors.
  • Retail stores, malls, public libraries and personal care services limited to 50 per cent capacity.
  • Saunas, steam rooms and oxygen bars closed.
  • Capacity at weddings, funerals and religious services limited to 50 per cent capacity per room.
  • Outdoor services must have two-metre distancing between all attendees.
  • Employees must work remotely unless their work requires them to be on site.
  • Gyms and other indoor recreational sport facilities closed, except athletes training for the Olympics and Paralympics and certain professional and elite sports leagues.
  • Outdoor facilities are permitted but with a 50 per cent capacity limit on spectators.
  • Museums, galleries, zoos, science centres, historic sites, amusement parks, festivals and other attractions closed.
  • Outdoor establishments allowed with restrictions and capacity limits.
  • Indoor meeting and event spaces closed with limited exceptions, except those with outdoor spaces, which can operate with restrictions.

Your WBC Board of Directors have met to discuss these new measures and wish to report to our members that the Woodstock Badminton Club will be closed to all uses and members effective Wednesday January 5 at 12:01am.  Signage to this effect will be posted on all entrances and Fobs will be disengaged to prevent any unauthorized access to the club.  There will be no rentals allowed or use by other community agencies during this period.

We note that this is not the way we hoped this New Year would begin and trust that this is not for a long period of closure as experienced last year.  We will continue to monitor this situation daily and will keep all members apprised of any changes to these measures or when we can reopen.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in these efforts to keep our members safe and our club compliant with these new Provincial Regulations.

Until we meet again on the courts, we wish you a New Year of hope, health, and happiness.

Terry Dunnigan ~ President WBC

Friday Night Pickleball Ladder

In an effort to provide a greater level of competition and to add some incentive to your pickleball development, we are offering a Ladder format for each Friday night play from 7-9pm effective November 19th.  This Ladder will organize players into similar levels of play ability and award points for wins, losses, and point differentials as you compete against other Friday Night members.  This will also help to determine movement up or down the ladder and further your Pickleball skill development and ranking.

To make this happen, we require you to indicate by return email, your commitment to be a part of this ladder, your name and email, and your self ranking of current skill level in Pickleball.  An unofficial self assessment rating system (see below) is available for your use to determine your current ranking.  Note that this Ladder is designed to include all levels of players.  Please reply to wbc.pres@gmail.com attention Terry Dunnigan by Mon. Nov. 15th with the required info or if you have any questions.

It is our hope to add a social component to this ladder/league by gathering at a local watering hole for libation and snacks following each Friday night competition.  More details regarding this will be provided in due course.

We also are welcoming day member pickleball players (non WBC members) so get the word out to past members, YMCA members, and Cowan players who may be interested.

See you on the Courts

Afternoon Badminton Time |Slots

If you would like to see the afternoon badminton time slots revitalized, please join us at the club on Thursday November 4th at 1 PM.

The club has three afternoon badminton scheduled time slots. Since our latest reopening these time periods have not been utilized.  We have heard from a few players that they have been waiting for other players to come out for these time periods.  Furthermore, we have heard from a few former members that they have not yet renewed their membership, because they are not seeing any activity during the afternoon time slots when they prefer to play.

In response, we are organizing an afternoon time slot “kick-off”. We are encouraging members that prefer to play in the afternoon, to come out to the “kick-off” on Thursday November 4th at 1 PM.  We are also inviting former members to come out that day as well and reconnect with us.

From this initial session, we are hoping we can jump start the other afternoon time slots as well.

If you are interested in playing regularly in an afternoon slot and can not make it on November 4th, please use the registration (the old reservation) tool on the website to let other players know your intention to play at future sessions.