Stairwell Repair Project

Work has been underway over the past few weeks on the renovation of the stairwells and men’s changeroom.

 The stairwell to the women’s changeroom is a continuation of the work started back in September to repair a water leakage problem.  In September we stopped the leaking and closed in an old window from the outside.  We are now repairing the inside wall damage and filling in the closed off basement window.

The plaster from the north wall has been removed.  The wall was then insulated and new drywall has been installed.

The drywall has then been finished and painted.

The second part of the project is the paining and repair of the stairwell to the men’s stairwell. This work is still underway.

Orange – Restrict Alert Status

Dear WBC Members:

Today Premier Ford has placed the Southwestern Health Board into Orange  (Restrict) Alert Status effective Monday November 23, 2020.  

All existing Yellow (Protect) Zone expectations continue to be in effect. The key difference from our status as Yellow is we now need to conduct a COVID-19 screening of all participants prior to entry into the club for each and every visit.  We have added this self screening questionnaire to the WBC website.  Please complete this screening process prior to your booking.  The confirmation of your booking is your assertion that you have completed this screening process and are declaring yourself safe to enter the Club.  For those that have already booked sessions for next week, we ask you to complete the self assessment separately as a precaution to your entry into the club.

Please note that we have made some temporary changes to the  official Schedule within our Reservation Tool as per our WBC Schedule Policy.  The changes include extending the Badminton reservation block on Tuesdays from 6 to 10 pm and adding an additional block of time for Badminton on Thursday from 5 to 7pm.  These additions are to accommodate the high number of participants that normally play on these two nights but are limited by the reduction of participants to 10 players.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind members that the non-programmed time slots (off hours) are available for either sport and may result in both sports being played at the same time on different courts.  When making this reservation please precede your name with a P (for pickleball) or B (for Badminton) so that other people making a reservation can see who and what sport has already been booked.  That provides members with an informed decision in the event that they choose to not want to play under these conditions.  I highly recommend that when these situations occur that an unused court is maintained between the 2 in use courts wherever possible for safety purposes.  Your cooperation and consideration goes a long way to ensure that our Club is a welcoming environment for all.

Finally, I have noted that Kitchener/Waterloo has joined the list of Red (Control) Zones effective on Monday.  Please refrain from coming to the Club if you reside in a Red Zone or Lockdown zone.  We all have a responsibility to help flatten the curve and keep this virus from winning.

Stay safe and be well,

Terry Dunnigan ~ President WBC

Southwestern Health Unit moves to Yellow-Protect

The entire Southwestern Public Health region will be moved to the Yellow-Protect tier at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, November 16. The measures in this stage are meant to reduce the number of cases. It is expected this stage will remain in effect for at least 28 days.

This move to Yellow-Protect impacts the Woodstock Badminton Club.

The new restrictions only allow 10 persons to utilize the facility at a time. In order to manage this limitation, WBC has implemented a reservation (booking) tool on the web site, The web site allows members to reserve one of the 10 available slots for a given time period.

All the regular open play sessions remain scheduled. However, only 10 members may attend any given session. For the popular Tuesday and Thursday nights sessions we have two, 2 hour open play events each evening. Members should select to play in only one of these sessions each night.

Members may continue to use the club in off-hours. The reservation tool allows members to reserve one of the available 1 hour “person” time slots. You may however book two consecutive one hour time slots.

Booking of time slots is on a first come basis. We are providing some limits on how many time slots a member can book. The free reservation tool we are using only allows us to control bookings to a certain degree, thus we are asking members to share the popular time slots with other members.