Stairwell Repair Project

Work has been underway over the past few weeks on the renovation of the stairwells and men’s changeroom.

 The stairwell to the women’s changeroom is a continuation of the work started back in September to repair a water leakage problem.  In September we stopped the leaking and closed in an old window from the outside.  We are now repairing the inside wall damage and filling in the closed off basement window.

The plaster from the north wall has been removed.  The wall was then insulated and new drywall has been installed.

The drywall has then been finished and painted.

The second part of the project is the paining and repair of the stairwell to the men’s stairwell. This work is still underway.

Foundation Wall Repair

The foundation wall repair to stop leaking in the stair case down to the women’s change room is complete.

The work was done by Foundation Brothers.

The repair required them to dig a 45 foot trench around the foundation on the north side of the building. They then installed weeping tiles and placed a membrane against the foundation wall before back filling the trench. They also dug a sump hole and installed a sump pump in the basement.

To finish off they closed in two old windows and did parging repairs around the perimeter including the outside stair case to the member entrance.

Thanks to Terry Dunnigan, Gord & Jayne Brewster and Don Karges for pitching in to landscape the excavated area, to take away the brush and to replace the screening under the porch.

A special thanks to Dana Wells for the outside painting of the remaining closed in window and for being the club’s point person to facilitate this major project.

Summer Clean-Up

On August 8th, seven members volunteered to do a quick blitz brush clean-up around the outside of the club. The main focus was on the south side of the building where brush and vines were blocking emergency exists. The team also pruned and cleaned up the bushes along the north side of the building as well.


Four trailer loads of rush was removed.

Our thanks to Rod Potgieter, Ross Struthers, Mike Hutt, Carol Bossenberry, Dana Wells, Terry Dunnigan and Don Karges for volunteering for the outside clean-up blitz.